Battery Disposal Service


Disposal instructions / old equipment return

Many items in our product range contain batteries or rechargeable batteries. Therefore, we point out in accordance with Battery Act (BattG) that batteries or rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. As a consumer you can return used batteries free of charge at municipal collection points or at retail outlets. You can also return the batteries directly to us after use.

Disposal of Mercury-containing lamps

The use of mercury-containing lamps is completely harmless. In the case of breaking these lamps, however, very small amounts of mercury vapor can escape into the air. Due to the content of small amounts of toxic mercury, mercury-containing lamps must not be disposed of with household waste in accordance with the law.

Disposal of Batteries

Contaminated Batteries

Contaminated batteries are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out wheelie bin. Among them is the chemical name of the pollutant: Cd or NiCd stands for cadmium, Pb for lead and Hg for mercury.

Our responsibility

As an online retailer, we take back electronic devices from private consumers in compliance with legal requirements.

Device condition

The device must be your lawful, unrestricted property or owned by a third party who has fully and expressly authorized you to dispose of the device. To the best of your knowledge, you must not be aware of any grounds or suspicions that would allow the assumption that the used equipment returned by you was or could have been the subject of an offense, in particular a theft or other property crime.

No leakage or fire risk

The device must not contain contaminants or contents that could endanger the health and safety of people. These include liquids, gases, perishable goods such as food, combustible and flammable substances, paints, chemicals, toxic waste, chemical or medical waste, as well as other potentially dangerous materials, unlawfully acquired items or other materials that may affect third parties through possible emissions. Acceptance of old equipment may be rejected in principle if it could endanger human health and safety. The sender is liable for all damages caused by himself, his representatives or his agents.

Remove batteries before returning

Batteries and rechargeable batteries must be disconnected before returning the device, provided they are not inseparably enclosed by the old device. The information on the Battery Act (BattG) also applies.

Personal data

For the deletion of personal data on old devices (storage media) you have to take care on your own responsibility.

Pack properly before sending

Old equipment must be sent in a proper and sufficient outer packaging. For safety and insurance reasons, you as shipper should avoid damage (eg broken machine) or loss of transport during transport. This also applies if your old device should no longer be functional. When sending by parcel only use the return label provided by us. In addition, please bring up the yellow notice sticker "old devices - return" in a clearly visible manner.

Ownership rights

By submitting / handing over the old devices, you, as the sender, declare that you wish to discard them and waive all ownership rights to the returned old devices. The old equipment passes with acceptance into the ownership of BilligTech directly.

Where to return?

Eligible size of disposal items

Return of electrical devices whose external dimensions (width, height and depth) are each no more than 35 cm: You can send such devices to us free of charge in quantities qualifying as household items. Please contact us via e-mail to or by phone at 0660 4008 133. You can also hand in these small old devices directly to our store during normal working hours.

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